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This Website provides no type of investment recommendation or legal, tax or other advice, and nothing included on it should be taken as the basis for investments or decision-making. Similarly, the information contained on this Website is published for general use and does not take into account specific investment objectives, financial status or the particular needs of any Person. You should obtain suitable and specific professional advice before deciding on any investment. The value of the investments may rise or fall, a fact that investors must accept, including the risk of not recovering all or part of the amount invested. Furthermore, the announcement of past returns does not constitute a promise or guarantee of future returns.

The contents of this Website are solely for information purposes and should under no circumstances be used or considered as an offer of sale, request for an offer of purchase or a recommendation to undertake any other transaction, unless expressly so stated. Any decision to purchase by the recipient should be adopted being in mind the public information available on the security in question, and where applicable, in line with the contents of the prospectus registered with the CNMV (, available from the CNMV and the Governing Body of the respective market, or through the issuing company.

RESTRICTIONS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM: Persons who, from outside the United Kingdom, make their investments through a Grupo Santander Consumer institution not resident in the United Kingdom, will not be covered by U.K. investor protection laws and regulations. These include the right to certain compensation, cancellation rights, access to claim, arbitration and other bodies.

Publications and reports contained on this Website, when issued in the United Kingdom, must have the prior approval of the London branch of Banco Santander, S.A., which is regulated by and is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

RESTRICTIONS FOR U.S. CITIZENS (including any citizen of or person resident in the United States or any legal institution incorporated in or under U.S. law or any political subdivision thereof): If you are a United States citizen or you are accessing this Website from the United States of America (including its territories, possessions and the District of Columbia), we would like to inform that that through this site, Grupo Santander Consumer offers you the possibility to contract and receive information on unregistered securities according to the U.S. securities Act of 1933 and its respective amendments. In accordance with the aforementioned regulation, such securities must not be purchased, transferred, delivered or sold (directly or indirectly) in the United States of America, except when the laws and regulations of that country regarding securities permit as such, either through registration or exemption.

Under no circumstances will Grupo Santander Consumer be liable for any losses, damages, penalties or any harm that could arise, directly or indirectly, from the use of this Website or its contents by U.S. investors.

INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTIES – REUTERS: Grupo Santander Consumer may include reports from third parties, occasionally provide advisory services or maintain relationships with issuing bodies, negotiate securities or other investments, hold positions with such companies, act as a market maker or support the business of the companies mentioned in a publication or analysis report. Grupo Santander Consumer accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, direct or induced, as a result of the use of such publications or analysis reports. Likewise, such information may not be reproduced, distributed or published by any recipient, whatever the purpose may be.

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