Canal Abierto

Santander Consumer Finance promotes an open and honest culture, so everyone can feel free to speak up. Our aim is to make sure that everything we do is Simple, Personal and Fair, guided by local law and regulation as well as by our internal rules.

To ensure that is the case we have Canal Abierto, a channel where anyone linked to Santander Consumer Finance,  can confidentially and anonymously -if they wish to do so- report breaches of legal or internal regulations, financial and accounting irregularities of potential significance, according to the law in the countries where we operate. Canal Abierto also helps expose violations of regulation and internal governance.

It can also be used to report breaches of our General Code of Conduct (GCC) and corporate behaviours.

Got something to report?

Canal Abierto is a multilingual telephone and Internet platform that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The reception of the reports is managed outside the bank to ensure confidentiality and anonymity, where appropriate.

An easy to access and user-friendly tool, Canal Abierto is essential to our Group policy on transparency. It furthers our cultural transformation into an open and honest bank where everyone can speak up and be heard.

Canal Abierto shows the importance of upholding the law and promoting a culture of ethics, honesty and responsibility in all we do.  Speak up about unethical, irresponsible and unfair conduct at our bank. #yourconductmatters



Policy on Canal Abierto

This Policy for Canal Abierto aims to define the criteria that must govern the establishment and management of the ethics lines that Santander Consumer Finance makes available to their stakeholders in order to Guarantee that Santander Consumer Finance’s whistleblowing channels have solid, standardised procedures that allow coherent reporting of information to their respective governing bodies.

Canal Abierto does not act as a communication channel for investors, nor it is the appropriate tool for making contractual or commercial claims by vendors. Nor does it have the functionality of Customer Service to deal with customer complaints. For all of this, we have several specialised channels available depending on each person’s needs: click here for our special channels: investor relations, vendor relations and the customer service corresponding to the countries in which we operate.