Code of conduct

General Code of Conduct

The General Code of Conduct contains the ethical principles and standards of conduct that govern the behaviour of all employees and is the central pillar of the compliance programme.

Policy on conflicts of interest

This policy aims to provide Santander Group employees, directors and entities with guidelines for preventing and managing conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of their activities.

Executive Summary of the Corruption Prevention Policy

This document summarises the scope, control guidelines and other aspects related to the corruption prevention such as the Canal Abierto (our whistleblowing channel) or the mandatory training.

Canal Abierto

This Policy for Canal Abierto aims to define the criteria that must govern the establishment and management of the ethics lines that SCF Group makes available to their stakeholders in order to Guarantee that SCF Group’s whistleblowing channels have solid, standardised procedures that allow coherent reporting of information to their respective governing bodies.


Visit Canal Abierto: our right to be heard

Canal Abierto is a multilingual Internet and telephone platform available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is managed outside the bank to preserve confidentiality and anonymity.

This channel, which is easy to access and use, will prove essential to our group’s policy on transparency as well as efficient in furthering our cultural transformation. It will promote openness and honesty in our company, where everyone can speak up and be heard.

The channel will prompt everyone to uphold regulations and allow our culture of ethics, honesty, and responsibility to thrive.